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Special Werner Kerns

This weeks Deal of the week not only consists of 4 amazing shoes, they are also 4 uniquely made shoes. As well as offering you a chance to own a one of a kind pair of shoes we thought we would take this opportunity to remind everyone of the fabulous service that is offered by Werner Kern.

We will use the beautiful Alice shoe as an example of what you are able to purchase from us, courtesy of Werner Kern.

Alice 3.4cm heel in Quadratino Black

If you love this shoe but were looking for a little more sparkle you can have this exact shoe made in a different colour or material

Alice 3.4cm heel in Multi Brocade.


If you fall in love with a shoe that is just a little bit to high, no need to worry, you can have the shoe specially made with a heel height of your choosing. If you prefer a leather sole to a suede sole that too can be made for you. So why buy a pair of shoes you like when you can make them into something you adore.

The process takes 6 to 8 weeks and costs only £10 more to own your perfect pair of shoes. This service can  be used for Werner Kern and Nueva Epoca shoes. All you need to do is call us with your Werner Kern shoe size and tell us your desires and we will place the order for you.

Special shoes are non refundable so we advise trying on the shoe of your choice before placing the order. 

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