Special Anna Kern 684-60

Special Anna Kern 684-60

£71.99 £66.99


Exceptionally elegant and comfortable Anna Kern standard dancing shoe. These velvety black suede ‘Mary Jane’ pumps with cross strap with a look of the 50’s.

  • Heel height:
    Exceptionally comfortable 6 cm heel (measured from the side) with generous step surface
  • Last:
    The shoe’s exceptional fit and extremely comfortable shoe width guarantee a wonderful dance-floor experience
  • Midsole:
    Exceptionally soft and flexible latex midsole
  • Heel:
    Shock-absorbent heel cushioning
  • Material:
    Soft glove-quality suede leather that provides a particularly gentle and supple fit.
  • Lining:
    Wonderful feel (while dancing) with high-quality breathable and moisture-absorbent leather lining.
  • Outsole:
    Flexible suede leather for light and controllable turning and gliding
  • Buckle:


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