Diamant Heel Protectors

Diamant Heel Protectors


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Transparent heel covers help to protect floors and to prevent wear to heels during ballroom dancing.

Diamant have slightly modified the shape of the FLARE heel tip so that heel tip and heel run in a straight line. This change makes it easier to remove the associated heel protectors without damaging the heel tip.

You can easily distinguish the old (left side) from the new (right side) heel tips as the new heel tips are 1-2 mm shorter and have no holes on the bottom. If ordering for an existing pair of Diamant shoes, please check the tip before placing your order.

  • Slim Transparent – HWo2921
  • Latino Transparent – HW02995
  • Spanish Transparent – HW02970
  • Flare Transparent (No Holes in Tip) – HW02990

One pair per purchase


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Diamant Heel Protectors

Slim Transparent, Flare Transparent, Latino Transparent, Spanish Transparent, NEW Flare Transparent

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