VarioPro are completely newly developed dance shoes for professional dancers, that we offer in three different types of soles to give dancers the possibility to be optimally prepared for the respective floors or dance styles.

Dance shoes labelled “VarioPro Classic” are very similar to the professional dance shoes of the well-known English competition brands in terms of fit, flexibility and design. All dance shoes marked “Classic” have the usual suede soles with the familiar features.

Dance shoes marked “VarioPro V-Spin” are professional dance shoes with a modified VarioSpin sole which we use in our social dance models. All dance shoes with the label “V-Spin” have a thin, completely pressure-sensitive VarioSpin sole up to the edge of the sole. These models are particularly suitable on very slippery indoor floors and on a wide variety of surfaces such as smooth dance floors or sports halls, stone or tile floors.

Dance shoes marked “VarioPro Hybrid” are professional dance shoes with a combined sole of VarioSpin material in combination with suede/microfibre. All dance shoes marked “Hybrid” combine the advantages of both sole materials: In the inner part of the outsole, in the area of the forefoot (as well as in the centre of the heel in men’s and women’s trainer dance shoes), the pressure-sensitive VarioSpin material is used here. This ensures more grip (especially on slippery dance floors) during jumps, fast step sequences and figures. The pressure-sensitive centre of the outsole is edged with suede/microfibre to give dancers the necessary feel and softness when guiding the toe and/or edges of the sole across the dance floor.