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Keeping You Updated

Every two weeks we have been sending out an email sharing with you the latest special offers we have on our website. The email shares with you 12 special shoes that are available at a discounted price. Each shoe also states the available sizes and the price to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. Also to make the transaction run smoothly each picture on the email is linked to the correct page on our website so you can be one click away from your perfect pair.

Of course those who are already received the email are aware of what it contains, this is mainly for the people who are missing out on a bi monthly selection of special offers and would like to be included in being kept updated on the beautiful collection of shoes that we are sharing with you all.

If you wish to be included in receiving a Special Offers email it is quite simple. Just click on the link below to register with us and you will join the rest of our lovely customers in being updated on all our products and promotions.

Once registered why not take a moment to have a browse at all the other available dance products that we have on our website.

Click Here To Register

Don’t forget our social media pages which are also a great way to stay informed about TowerBallroomDance.




Happy Shopping

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