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11 10, 2017

Deal of the Week – 11-10-2017

2017-10-11T14:25:53+01:00 Industry News, Latest News|

We are that excited with this weeks Deal of the Week we have decided to release it a day early. This week we have hand selected one shoe from 5 different brands including Werner Kern, Supadance, Diamant, Nueva Epoca and Freed of London. Each shoe has a massive variety of sizes to select from. The [...]

28 09, 2017

Special Offers with Free Gift

2017-09-28T14:49:03+01:00 Industry News, Latest News|

The Bi- Weekly email has once again been sent to all our loyal customers and subscribers. This time we have chosen Werner Kern dance shoes to be included in our Special Offers. The brands include not only Werner Kern but also Nueva Epoca by Werner Kern and Anna Kern. When Werner Kern founded his company [...]

21 09, 2017

Deal of the Week – Practice Shoes

2017-09-21T12:03:57+01:00 Industry News, Latest News|

With Strictly Come Dancing just days away from beginning we thought we would dedicate this weeks Deal of the Week to the Strictly fans who decide this is the year they will learn to dance.  Or for those of you who are competing this year and don't want to wear out your dance shoes why [...]

7 09, 2017

Deal of the Week – 7th September 2017

2017-09-07T10:37:32+01:00 Industry News|

For September's first edition of Deal of the Week we have decided to treat the Gents to this dashing  Diamant 089-076-029. But don't worry ladies - so not to leave you out we are giving you another chance to purchase the beautiful Sophia by Freed of London. Remember this is for ONE WEEK [...]

1 09, 2017

Freed of London Special Offers

2017-09-01T13:06:59+01:00 Industry News, Latest News|

Today our latest Bi-Monthly email of Special Offers has been sent to our customers and subscribers. Once again, as well as our Deal of the Week we have a collection of Freed of London shoes available in various sizes and styles for all the family to enjoy. To view the letter and latest offers just [...]

31 08, 2017

Deal of the Week – Sophia

2017-08-31T12:53:05+01:00 Industry News, Latest News|

Here at Tower Ballroom Dance we try to ensure that all the products on our website are up to date and that we provide the latest styles available. This week we have been updating our Freed of London range with the latest shoes and accessories. To honour this we have selected Freed of London's Sophia [...]